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More than just a product company Seven Sins™ is a way of life…..

We all Sin, and we all have Virtues! In this forum Seven Sins™ is establishing a community where the two join together in harmony! The Zeitgeist has been redefined, no longer will our Passions be limited to the presumptions of conventional standards. Through the Seven Sins™ Community your thoughts opinions don’t necessarily have to conform with “main-stream” ideals in order to be presented in our forum!

In this “invitation only” (viewing, open to the public) forum! The Seven Sins™ resolution is to unite Artists like never before (providing an unbiased network) where Artists of all backgrounds can unify as proponents with unlimited abilities to communicate, share and express, more over learn from each others experiences.

Committed to presenting; Artistry in every conceivable manner, embracing Humanity at its finest, and in all its individuality. Allowing you to convey and enjoy Life and experiences to the fullest, be true to yourself, let your thoughts and desires flow freely “Uninhibited” by the status quo!

I invite you to join me is this endeavor by submitting your thoughts, ideas, concepts, techniques, etc. with images (if you like) to jmz@sevensins.com for inclusion. Lets spread the wealth of “Unrepressed” knowledge!

My goal is to have as many Artists as possible join in, and become part of the new epoch, where we can truly speak freely (yet respectfully).

You can even register for an author box, that will contain your own; Bio, Company, Website, Social media, Etc. To which (Once approved) you’ll be able to post directly, without the wait of approval.

Please join me in creating this extraordinary forum where unification rather than competition becomes the new “Status Quo”


Welcome to the revelation of Seven Sins™

It’s gotta be a SIN to look this good™


 John Michael Zucco

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Over the many years I’ve been associated with the cosmetology industry, first as Pivot Point’s Director of Educational Services (1985-88) then as School/Salon owner (1988-95) I’ve maintained a strong focus on precision sculpting techniques, innovative coloring, free form styling and my passion “Product Development.” Seven Sins™ www.sevensins.com

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